8492NWs product are constructed using only the finest nylon materials from US, Canadian and European sources. I currently offer all product in the following color/patterns:

Coyote (Solution dyed 500D)

Ranger Green (Solution dyed 500D)

Black (Solution dyed 500D)

Wolf Grey (Solution dyed 500D)

Multicam (500D)

Multicam Black (500D)

Multicam Arid (500D)

Multicam Tropic (500D)

M81 Woodland (500D)

Plastic/Acetel hardware

Coyote 498 (Coyote Brown, Multicam Original, Multicam Arid)

Black (Black, Ranger Green, Wolf Grey, Multicam Black, Multicam Tropic, Woodland)


Black (Black, MC Black, Woodland)

Ranger Green (Ranger Green, MC Tropic)

Coyote (Coyote, Multicam, MC Arid)

Wolf Grey (Wolf Grey)