Elastic Magazine Insert V2 (Industry Standard Placards)

$15.00 - $30.00
Elastic Magazine Insert V2 (Industry Standard Placards)

Standard elastic webbing retention insert with Hook/Hook Velcro orientation for usage in GPPXL01 V2 and most industry standard placards with soft or loop Velcro Interior

V2 comes with laminate bungee retention routing ports/re-insert assit

Same thing as the Jumpable Inserts I used to sell but the bungee routing ports are now standard.

* Bungee cords and Pull tabs sold separately, you can find them in the Elastic Magazine Inserts or Accessories/Repair Shop section

* Not compatiable with placards with Soft/Hard Velcro interior such as Ferro ADAPT front panels and Shaw ARC, you will need to retrofit it with the Hook > Loop Adapter (You can find it under Product > Accessories/Repair Shop or Product > Hook/Loop, Loop/Hook Adapter

Available in Black and Coyote


5.56 NATO- Each cell is 3" wide
7.62 NATO - Each cell is 3.75" wide
Pistol/MP5 - Each cell is 1.75" wide
SMG - Each cell is 2" wide