GPP01-XL V2 (Swift Clips)

$79.95 - $97.95
GPP01-XL V2 (Swift Clips)

General purpose placard that fit into most current industry standard* plate carrier, soft Velcro loop are sewn on the inside for fitment with most industry standard hook/hook inserts on the market.

Model 01 is the good old standard single pocket variant that you can mount on a plate carrier, placard extension or by itself. The build in front, side and bottom PALS can accommodate standard MOLLE pouches and this is the model you want to go with if you wanted a baseline placard that you can build your loadout with. Interior soft Velcro loop for hook/hook accessories suite.

The XL variant features side flap wrapping system and can be scaled up to accept up 4x 5.56 (with one 3x5.56 and one 1x5.56 insert) or 3x 7.62 magazines (with one 2x7.62 and 1x7.62 insert) if needed while maintaining the footprint of an 9.5x6 placard.

V2 uses:
- Squadron laminate to streamline the design and to reduce bulk.
- Comes with native QR hardware (FS Tubes, Tactiks, etc) support
- Interior rear pocket is lined with Curv composite to combat sagging associated with front heavy set ups
- Side and bottom PALS for additional pouches if necessary.
- Adjustable height adjustment straps (buckles can be replaced with ease)
- Native bungees support for airborne and maritime operations.

Size: 9.5" x 6" (rear hook), 9" x 5.5" x 1.25" (main pocket before expansion)

* Standard Swift Clip model uses 1" ITW or Duraflex Mojave latch and is made for industry standard plate carrier with native placard integration (ex. JPC 2.0, LV-119, FCPC, ex)

* First Spear Tubes are available as add-ons ONLY, you will not find them individually on the site. Please contact an First Spear rep for an replacement.

* Bottom pocket have two .25" diameter holes and is compatible with an TQ Retention Kit.

* Mag Inserts sold separately
* Industry Standard means any rig that have two ITW/Duraflex male buckles 8" apart and can be integrated onto plate carrier via QASM.

Part of the Adaptive Combat/Larping Equipment (ACE) suite designed to provide military/LE/prepared civilians the necessary nylon equipment to perform their job as well as recreational activities (airsoft, milsim, range planking, etc)