JSTA Buckle Flap Kit V3

JSTA Buckle Flap Kit V3

The JSTA buckle flap kit replaces the original hook and loop flap on the Spiritus JSTA pouch and make it virtually silent to open it.

V3 feature a simplified flap to reduce weight and materials consumption as well as routing ports on the bottom part for users to install 1/8" shockcord and cordlock to silence content (INCLUDED WITH THE KIT)

No modifications needed, simply install the new flap on the rear pocket and tuck the original flap inside

Each JSTA flap kit comes with:
1x JSTA Flap kit
1x 1/8" (36"/1 yard, you can purchase spare shockcords at the DIY or Acessories section)
1x 1/8" Cordlock