Just A Sling (JAS) (Seasonal Offering Product)

Just A Sling (JAS) (Seasonal Offering Product)

* Seasonal Offering Products (SOP) are nylon gear that are made in very small amount, usually during the slower months to fill up production schedule or to simply gauge market interest. They will not be available in every single colors and in some cases will not be replenished for a long time or if at all.

The JAS sling is a simple 2 points universal sling for your carbines/rifles

Nothing too crazy. I had a lot of 1" webbings and metal rings so I needed a product that can put them to use.

I took all the best features from all the 1" webbing rifle slings in the market and incorporate them while keeping it under $40

Both ends are open ended so you can customize it with any mounting hardware.

Mid section metal ring can be swap out with plastic ring or release buckles for emergency release (SOLD SEPARATELY, the sling will come with one metal ring by default)

Rear section length can be adjust by simply moving the triglide.

The quick adjust is the only that is different from the other designs. The layout is a little bit unconventional but it works really well. The sliding mechanism is almost friction free, more so then any other plastic ladderlock hardware methods I've used in the past.