Plate Carrier Panel V6, 9.5 x 6 (Swift Clips)

$39.95 - $57.95
Plate Carrier Panel V6, 9.5 x 6 (Swift Clips)

Swift Clip compatible PALS panel (Uses 1" male clips, please double check before you buy)

V6 now feature increment slits on top for integration of repair male latches, this enable users to turn it into a split front chest rig (if they have a second PCP V6 panel and purchase/install the Split Front Chest Rig Kit)

Small increment slits on the side can support a variety of Quick Release (QR) hardware support such as FS Tubes, NM Taktic or ITW 1" buckles for micro rig configuration, etc)

Buckles heights are adjustable and they can be swapped out for something else like G hooks without unstitching.

Size: 9.5" wide x 6" tall

* FS Tubes are available as add-on ONLY, you will not find these individually on the site. Contact an First Spear rep if you need replacement

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Part of the Adaptive Combat/Larping Equipment (ACE) suite designed to provide military/LE/prepared civilians the necessary nylon equipment to perform their job as well as recreational activities (airsoft, milsim, range planking, etc)