Triple Magazine Placard, Swift Clips (Seasonal Offering Product)

Triple Magazine Placard, Swift Clips (Seasonal Offering Product)

* Seasonal Offering Products (SOP) are nylon gear that are made in very small amount, usually during the slower months to fill up production schedule or to simply gauge market interest. They will not be available in every single colors and in some cases will not be replenished for a long time or if at all.

Swift Clips compatible triple magazine placard.

Based on the legacy Paraclete/Allied Industries triple magazine pouch issued to troops.

Just a good old flap pouch for holding magazines and other essentials but now it comes with vertical buckles and it can be used as a removable placard.

Can mount on most Swift Clips compatible carriers.

Can hold up to 3x 5.56 NATO, 6x5.56 NATO (two in each slots) or 3x 7.62 NATO magazines

Pouch dimension can be altered by tightening or loosen the bungees on the side.

Size: 10" wide x 8" tall (Overall dimension), 9.5" wide x 6" tall (rear hook Velcro).