Return Instructions

If you are not satisfied with 8492NW products they can be returned within 14 days after arrivial to initiate a return:

1.  Send an return inquiry to [email protected] or use the contact us page to let us know ahead of time (Unfortunately people treat social media DM's like live support so we stopped checking/replying them, email is the best way to reach us).

2. An RMA form in JPEG format will be sent to you. Print it out and file it.

3. Mail the order and RMA form back to:

RMA Department (8492NW)
PO Box 5770
El Monte, CA, 91734


RMA Department (8492NW)
11151 Valley Blvd #5770
El Monte, CA, 91734 if your carrier does not deliver to PO boxes

You are responsible for return shipping cost.

We currently do not accept drop off for privacy reasons.

4. Notify us that order is returning and provide a tracking (if applicable so we know when to pick it up) within 7 days after the return inquiry had been made. If if still hasn't send back 7 days after the return inquiry had been made the return request will be considered forfeited (This is to ensure that people don't sit on their return request for weeks/months on end)

5. Once it arrived we will inspect the goods and start the refund process.

6. There will be 15% restocking fee for nylon gear (someone have to go pick up the package from the PO box for processing after all) or 30% if they are not in its original packagin/resellable condition. The original shipping charge is non-refundable (This is for paying shipping label to get the order to you). DIY/raw materials, Clearance (gear and materials) and Garage Sale items are non-refundable. If for some reason they are returned we will keep the items and NO refund will be issued for those items.

7. If an order is being sent back without prior authorization or any information it will be treated as an unknown and it will potentially delaying the return process significantly. In some cases i will simply toss it in the trash bin.